Second Hand Gym Equipment

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Buying Used Exercise Equipment

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If you want to buy used exercise equipment then the first and most obvious issue is quality. While most people think that "second hand" is inferior, the truth is that fitness equipment is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear and as long as you follow some basic guidelines you really can't make a mistake. Its very much like buying a used car. Its an expensive piece of equipment and because its a sizable investment you need to do your homework.

When buying used fitness equipment you basically have 2 choices. The first is to go after commercial equipment. This is equipment that's been used in gyms and health clubs and with a bit of research you can find re-manufactured equipment that's been overhauled to be "good as new".

The second choice you have is to go after residential equipment. While commercial equipment is much more robust the problem is often that its been used extensively and that its not in great condition any more. With the residential versions its actually the opposite. So often people buy on impulse and they end up never using it at all. This is where you can buy virtually brand new equipment for half the price. They'd just be too happy to get rid of it.

The real secret to buying used exercise equipment is to go after brand names. Its one of the only ways to know that you are buying good quality - especially when you buy stuff online and from places like eBay or Craigslist. If you can, make sure that its working and whenever possible try and get a warranty.

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Second Hand Gym Equipment

Used Gym Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions...

loads of 2nd hand gym equipment - Sell to who??


I have been given the task of selling a load of second hand gym equipment.
Basically a gym club ended up going bankrupt & now the landlord wants me to sell all excercise equipment, weights, a sunbed, a receptionist desk and some big wall mirrors (like they have in dance studios) Has anyone got any ideas who i can call.......or try to sell this to, other than going through ebay???

Thanks everyone, I'm grateful for any suggestions


Sell the gym equipment on MarketWall:

MarketWall is free and you can sell the equipment to somebody in your local area.

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