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How to Choose Health Club for your body building plan

How to Choose Health Club


"Fitness" has become a popular life style; white-collar workers favored in amateur sport, and then choose a good health club to become quite a lot of problems, but how to choose a suitable fitness club?


Membership is only you often can get the benefits, you may wish to request a free trial day, many clubs will meet your requirements, when you visit, the following factors are important:


1. Location: best place to work from your home or within 20 minutes or in a place you always pass.


2. Price: The price of each health club is different, but also there are different types of cards to choose from, when measuring the price you want to bring the benefits of this cost into account, if we can reduce disease through fitness to extend the life, body shape, also makes sense to spend money. Long term will help you save money, but low price does not mean cheap, you should also look at what the benefits of membership.


3. Credibility: after all, do you trust the club to stay in business for long, and the company's ability to help you achieve your fitness goal.


4. Equipment: A. the quality of equipment, when you try to see if it easily and smooth to move. B. number of devices in the club, whether it is not enough equipment, before confirm, you can visit the club to see how many people in it and whether its equipments are unoccupied? C. Equipment diversity, if you like there are five different oxygen equipments, whether the club can offer? Strength training if you are a beginner, this club is a small weight dumbbell, how many equipment you can exercise your hips or thighs muscles?


5. Aerobics and other group classes: to a schedule, visit one or experience one class to see if the club you want to go to class, such as Latin dance, yoga, spinning pay attention to whether the time on the schedule for you, a class is good or bad, depending on the coach. The best is experience yourself when know you like it or not.


6. Opening hours: the time to visit, ask what the opening hours, take a look at it is appropriate for your fitness habits, the weekend opening hours may and usually not the same as the other holidays the opening hours is not the same.


7. Cleaning and disinfection: with particular attention to the locker room, look at the toilet and bathing facilities, if you often here dressing, bathing, hygiene can make you satisfied.

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Cheap Health Club Equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What CHEAP fitness equipment do you recommend?

I asked this question 2 days ago and got "answers" that didn't truly answer my question.

I am looking to convert our garage into a "home gym". I have some home fitness tools like resistance bands, fitness dvds(my husband has a tv out there to watch football) and yoga mat. What inexpensive gear/tools should I add?

I have a bike I ride around to do my errands so please don't tell me to get a stationary bike or a treadmill. I'd like real recommendations that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. A home gym is to save us money verses a health club membership.
My husband has a weight bench and free weights out there. I do know how to use them. As far as my goals- I'm looking to mix things up from my cycling/power walking routine.


I would start by looking on a site like I think a lot of people buy equipment with a goal in mind and then give up so you could probably get some used equipment in really good shape at a cheap price.

As far as what you need to buy..... i guess it depends on your fitness goals. Do you want to bulk up, tone, strenghten? But you probably want a good mix of some cardio and weights.