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LTO 5 Tape Media Format Elevates the Backup Efficiency With its Advantageous LTFS Technology

The common misconception that tape media technology is not easy-to-use can now be put to rest. Incorporation of innovative LTFS (linear tape file system) in the firmly established LTO-5 ultrium tape format provides the robustness, economy and long term reliability to satisfy the needs of today's mid-range and enterprise applications. With LTFS mechanism, the functions performed with hard drive like drag-and-drop are now possible with LTO5 tape media technology. Capacity of LTO-5 tape cartridge has been increased by a significant margin, thus reaching up to 1.5 TB. The capacity doubles in compressed mode and extends to 3TB.

Successive versions of LTO ultrium tape format continue to support a variety of management information systems, operating systems, business applications and IT environments. LTO tape format is inexpensive and allows media interoperability among different LTO vendors. Media interoperability is the main selling point of LTO tape. LTO tape stands apart and outsells every other tape media format in the mid-range market. HP, Quantum and IBM co-developed the LTO format. In addition, Maxell, Fuji, Verbatim, TDK, Dell and Imation are few of the top-ranked manufacturers of LTO tapes.

New useful functionality have been added to the new LTO-5 tape format along with the reliable features of earlier LTO ultrium generations. WORM and drive-level encryption introduced in LTO-4 tape format are also offered by LTO-5. In addition, the newest LTO5 ultrium tape format includes a breakthrough media partitioning mechanism. LTFS and media partitioning make the LTO-5 tape flexible, convenient and portable just like a USB drive. The LTO-5 tape cartridge appears as a drive letter on your system. So the users can conveniently drag and drop the files from their system's hard disk onto the LTO-5 cartridge and vice versa.

Data stored onto the LTO-5 tape cartridge can be protected from inadvertent erasures and malicious over writings with the help of WORM functionality, whereas the data encryption further raises the bar on data security. Therefore LTO-5 tape media technology assists the customers to prohibit un-authorized data access and meet the stringent government regulations at a reasonable cost.

LTO-5 is a less energy-consuming and affordable backup solution that is ideal for budget-conscious customers. Two partitions can be created on a single LTO5 tape. You can independently access these partitions. One of the partitions holds the file content while the other holds the meta-data and file index. LTFS technology eliminates the need of specialized ISV (independent Software Vendor) applications for interchanging media between different systems. This helps to improve the business response times and reduces the complexity of data manageability.

With a tremendous compressed speed of 280MB/second and 3TB capacity, the LTO-5 tape format delivers the capacity, reliability and scalability to grow economically. LTO5 tape technology offers even more than a balance affordability and reliability; it facilitates the customers to enhance their productivity and reliably preserve the data for longer time duration. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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LTO 5 tape cartridges are very robust and cost efficient. High quality LTO-5 tape cartridges are available at tape4backup at low price.

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Fuji Single
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