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What is your favorite Tai Chi Chuan Family style?

This is a subjective question, so you're entitled to your opinions, but please don't bash the opinions of others. So, what's your favorite Family style of Tai Chi Chuan? Why?

Styles: Chen, Yang, Wu Yu-hsiang, Wu Ch'uan-yu, and Sun (These are all just MAJOR styles, I'm sure there are more)

My favorite Family of Tai Chi Chuan is then Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. I just like it's hard movements and strong motions. The motions probably wouldn't suit me though because of my body, however, I'm sure I could still accomplish it if I tried.


Chen Style Lao Jia system with Master Chen Qingzhou's Zungu lineage...

Suit Tai

Tai in a Fat Suit

Pay Homage to the Supreme Emperor of Dark Heaven in Wan Chai's Stunning Pak Tai Temple

Occupying a prime position down Wan Chai's Lung On Street lies the biggest temple in the island nation of Hong Kong affectionately known as Pak Tai Temple. Constructed by the townspeople in 1863 the temple was named "Yuk Hui Kung" in earlier times and is currently listed as a grade one historical structure protected by the country's Antiquities Advisory Committee.

A prince of the glorious Shang Dynasty, Pak Tai is the central deity at this ancient temple which also identifies the divine one as Yuen Tin Sheung Tai. Having defeated the demonic ruler that raged havoc on the land the lord Pak Tai is often portrayed crushing a snake and tortoise under his feet in temples signifying the landmark battle between good and evil that he eventually triumphed over. Believed to posses powers to pacify disasters devotees of Pak Tai depend on the spiritual deity to abate similar situations in their own lives.

Beautifully constructed and monumental in size the temple contains three main enclosures with the central of the three containing the idol of Pak Tai. Beside the deity lie the statues of the God of Wealth and the Dragon Mother Lung Mo and flanked by the Three Pristine Ones. Opposite the figure of Pak Tai lie the figures of of his imperial soldiers Sei Dai Tin Wong in a defiant posture, ready to strike. Architectural highlights at the venue include its exquisite roof which features ridges emblazoned with pairs of dragons while cultural relics within the temple grounds include the 3 metre tall copper idol of Pak Tai made in 1603 and two bells also made of copper minted between 1862 -1883. A plethora of artefacts which date back nearly 130 years are also housed within the premises which also boasts a Chinese inscription made by none other than Cheung Yuk Tong of the of Qing Dynasty. Other statues at the venue include those of Kwun Yum, Kwan Tai, Tin Hau, Wah San Sing Mo and Fat Mo, the Mother of Buddha. Deities such as Choi Sun, Lung Mo, Pau Kung and Jai Kung are also found within the ground which becomes a hotbed of activity during the 3rd lunar month for the annual Pak Tai festival.

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