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Training Knife

A military training with knife

Taking The Knife Away From A Slasher In A Knife Fight

You all know what a slasher in a knife fight is...he is the guy who whips the knife back and forth wildly. This motion is erratic and unpredictable, and it makes it hard to pass the knife. Blocks would get you cut, he's too fast to grab, and like as not he is coming in on you fast!

The first strategy that comes to mind is to wrap some sort of protection around your forearm. This will protect that limb and give you at least some sort of a shield. The problem with this fighting trick is that the time it takes to find something wrappable, or to remove your jacket and wind it around your arm, is time in which you are going to get cut to pieces.

So wrapping something around your arm, while it has its place, isn't really the most workable thing when if comes to knife self defenses. It is stop gap. You might still get cut, and it segments your self defense moves into predictable motion: the wrapped arm is going to be used for blocking, and probably only for blocking.

Interestingly, there is a concept that is perfect for this type of combat scenario, and for developing knife fighting techniques. It is easy to practice without getting hurt if you use a training knife. You can also just use a red magic marker and wear white tee shirts if you really want to find workability.

The concept is not to focus your eyes on the knife, but to look at the shoulder of the arm holding the knife. This is hard to do, because the concept of taking your eyes away from the weapon is difficult to do. There will also be people who hold that to take your eye off the weapon is the dumbest and most idiotic thing a knife fighter can do.

The fact is, however, you are not fighting a knife, you are fighting a human being. The best place to focus the eyes would be the eyes, for as the saying goes, 'The eyes are the windows to a man's soul. Thus, to look at the eyes would enable the aware fighter to see the thought behind the action.

In the specific situation of a slasher, however, focusing on the shoulder is actually superior strategy. As the hand whips back and forth, the shoulder does also, and the shoulder is slower and bigger and easier to watch. Thus, by concentrating your attention on the shoulder you can actually predict the change of direction and motion of the slasher.

Now, the best strategy, to be honest, is to not get into a knife fight in the first place, or just bring a six shooter. But, times being what they are, criminals being what they are, this strategy should help you survive to fight another day. And that's the best concept you can use to survive a slasher in a knife fight.

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Training Knife