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5 Secrets to Ninja Training with the Ninja Sword

There are a great many different items in the inventory of ninja weapons training. Mostly all of these weapons bring forth a sense of wonder. If they did not we would have long since forgotten about them and they would disappear into the fog of history. They have, of course, not. In particular, the classic ninja sword is among the most popular weapons to learn. Contrary to what some may assume, the ninja sword is much different from the classic samurai sword. Specifically, the ninja sword is much smaller and was originally designed as a solution to traditional samurai armor.

Learning how to use a ninja sword is not difficult but it requires effort and commitment. For those interested in this mode of ninja weapons training, here are 5 secrets to properly training with the ninja sword:

Purchase a reliable training sword. You will either want to acquire a solid wooden sword or, preferably, an unsharpened steel sword. DO NOT try to use a real sharpened sword in your ninja weapons training. This could prove disastrously dangerous! Also, stay away from plastic swords as they are of minimal quality and little value. Poor quality equipment will not help your cause.

Only perform cutting sword techniques under the training and supervision of a qualified professional. Cutting training can entail old methods such as cutting through a stack of rolled bamboo with one swing. This type of training can prove exhilarating but it comes with much risk. As such, the big secret is an open secret: don't perform this type of training without proper and experienced supervision.

Some assume that kata training is exclusively for punching, kicking, and grappling. This is not the case. Ninja weapons training katas exist and they have been around for many centuries. Learning these classic katas and performing them regularly will certainly help enhance your potential to learn the basics of the ninja sword. Try to learn a variety of these katas in order to experience different perspectives and approaches to how ninja swords are employed.

Employ impact ninja weapons training. As the name implies, impact training means your practice sword will actually hit a target. You cannot just swing the sword around in the air. Unless you can actually hit a specific target, you will never understand how the sword actual works. Hitting a punching bag could prove helpful but even makeshift items will work. Hanging an old tire or even a sandbag may be enough to get the true feel of hitting a target.

Practice angulated strikes. When you perform the basic cutting motions, you will want to learn how to employ angulated footwork and torso position. Ninja weapons training is not about meeting an opponent head on. Angles and figure eight motions are needed to make this martial arts sword effective. Hence, refining the ability to attack and defend at angles is a must.

The secrets of ninja weapons training are really not all that secretive. They are rooted in a common sense approach to effective martial arts training.

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