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Canvas Punching

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2011 Interior Design Trend: Made With Love


Have you ever made anything? Small or large, flat pack furniture, a nice home cooked meal or even an erupting volcano for your kids science day? If you've ever made something with your own hands, you'll know how rewarding it is and how much joy and pride you feel when you take a step back to admire what you've made.

How does this link into an interior trend you might be asking? Well, Made With Love is exactly what it says in the name. It's all about creating an interior space that not only has colour and furniture, but love. It's a great to work with others when working with this trend, especially if you have a family.

Inspiration and Colour:

Made With Love is a very natural and organic trend taking all of it's influence from the great outdoors and more specifically woodlands. Wood and clay browns mixed with grey stones work wonders together. And not just in colour, in both texture and material these natural building blocks play a massive part in Made With Love.

The base colours are soft pale greys and browns which contrast amazing with the deeper shade you'll need to pull this trend off. For the more serious colour, look for the natural colours, deep wood browns, soft gentle clay, a variety of greys taken from natural rocks. Want something with a bit more punch? Denim blue fit's in perfectly, so does sky blue but only in small doses (see accessories section later on for more info).


To start with, you need a natural wood or stone flooring. As this trend lends itself towards the kitchen, look towards stone. Brand new stone flooring can work, but it looks a bit to clinical for Made With Love. Instead, have a look at the inspiration image at the bottom, more specifcally the random stone section on the wall. That as flooring would look stunning! The random size and shape would bring an almost aged or vintage look to the room.

Furniture is easy, wooden./ Antique is best but can also be very pricey. If you do need to get brand new wood, ignore anything with a modern design or a painted finish. If you're brave enough, consider ageing the wood with sandpaper, stain and burning the wood! (For the VERY brave!) This trend lends itself towards mismatched furniture too. If you have 6 dining room chairs, you could use 4 of one design and 2 from another! This makes buying matching chairs less important and therefore easier and of course, cheaper!

For artwork, look at Organic Canvas Art and nothing else. Sepia tones work amazing as they have all those lovely natural brown shades and stunning photography. If you want something with a bit of colour in it, again, look to photography and look for something like the Fungi image above. The soft browns and greys of the Fungi work amazing contrasting against the sky blue in the background and will instantly become a focal point in any room.


The inspiration picture is there to give you an idea of how this trend will look and feel once you've finished. As this trend works so well in the kitchen, you'll see how the colours work not only perfectly with the natural wood and stone, but also with lots of natural light. The dark hues in this trend would tend to over power a small room, but using that natural light you can not only bring the outdoors inside, but brighten up the room for free!

This is a relatively easy trend to carry out, and with some careful planning it's not only stunning but also cheap! Over the last 2 decades, the hub of the house is shifting from the sitting room to the kitchen. With the amount of time we spend in there as individuals and as families, it's well worth spending some time and money making it the most comfortable and relaxing room in the house.


About the Author

Working for WHoArtNow as a trend spotter and artist, Andre DeNito is trained in Interior Design and Fine Art. His favourite artists include Swoon, Frazier Boyd and Joshua Allen Harris to name just a few.

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