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Closed Sparring

SPARRING WAR! Shawn Estrada vs Librado Andrade with interview (True HD)

Download the 1st Degree Black belt syllabus in American Advanced Kenpo Karate Dvd

1st Degree Black Belt Article

An insight into what you should be taught on the 1st Degree Black belt syllabus at expert level in American Advanced Kenpo Karate. Download Kenpo Karate Dvds

Why should anyone take up self defense or martial arts, you may have several reasons such as protecting yourself against bullies,  get fit, lose weight,  become more confident in every thing that you do.  No matter what your reasons are you will feel extremely good about yourself when you achieve your goal which ever road you decide to take in life.

The 1st Degree Black Belt syllabus is the ninth belt to be taught to you at expert level in American Advanced Kenpo Karate.

As a qualified 1st brown belt you may decide to continue on to learn the next belt level which is the expert level, consisting of Long Form 4 on Both Sides   24 Self Defence Techniques, and Freestyle Sparring Techniques.Download Self Defense Dvds

The first part of the syllabus you will be taught on the 1st Degree Black belt is long form 4 taught on both sides;   commonly known as the workhorse kata of the system it is mixture of some of the advanced techniques that you have already been taught and some new techniques such as darting leaves. It will improve your fluidity and agility in long medium and close quarter fighting, using the angles on the clock to manipulate your opponent or opponents in combat.

 The next part of the 1st Degree Black belt syllabus that you will be taught is the 24 Self-defense techniques. You will now return to purple belt syllabus and be taught extensions to the 24 self defense techniques that you have already been taught on the purple belt. Adding more weapons and multiple strikes to your techniques will improve your speed and power than you can use in combat if the need arises. 

The last part of the syllabus on the 1st Degree Black belt that you will be taught is the freestyle sparring self defence techniques, this is a combination of foot manoeuvres hand and kicking techniques used in a stationary position, these techniques will also teach you how to close the gap between you and your opponent and improve your fighting ability.  Freestyle sparring is divided into two categories tournament and street fighting techniques, in tournament you have rules but on the street there is no such a thing as rules.

To be successful in any subject you need to have an open mind and study under a good teacher who also has an open mind and ready to modify at any given time.      

 George Maughan



About the Author

  • Provided security for the late Michael Jackson, Prince, Bono U2 to name but a few stars, also assisted in the security for former and late President of the U.S.A. Ronald Reagan in conjunction with the C.I.A. and the F.B.I.
  • Weapons Specialist with Spearhead Platoon
  • Trained French Police Force
  • Awarded 10th Degree Black Belt by The Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association
  • Released Special Street Combat Survival a mixture of military and martial arts
  • Was asked to teach on martial arts today T V show in the U.S.A. And other TV shows
  • Always looking to modify techniques for real life street encounters
  • Created this website as a unique online teaching academy to teach online self defense
  • Designed to motivate people for fitness, confidence and physical strength and to provide them best self defense training
  • Over 100,000 current members in the US
  • Awarded the highest rank by WHFSC U.S.A. In American Advanced Kenpo Karate & Martial Arts
  • You have been inducted under this years' 2011 nomination category of: 2011 GRANDMASTER WARRIOR OF THE WHFSC Nominated by: WHFSC Council

What Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez Says About George Maughan

Grandmaster George Alexander Maughan is one of the premiere practitioners of American Advanced Kenpo Karate & Self-Defense in the world today and a member of the illustrious World Head of Family Sokeship Council. He was inducted into our 16th Annual International Martial Arts Hall of Fame held in San Antonio, Texas last year and also gave a seminar during our gathering there. His seminar was one of the highlights of the event where he demonstrated his speed, precision and power in the art of Kenpo.

As a highly respected member of the WHFSC, Grandmaster Maughan is also featured in the book "The World Head of Family Sokeship Council" which was produced in January 2009 by Rising Sun Productions of California. The book documents the founding of America's first worldwide Grandmasters council, the WHFSC and Grandmaster Maughan as one of its Original members.



Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez

Founder/ Executive Director International

World Head of Family Sokeship Council

Jackie Chan the great martial artist and film star also features in this book.

Combat Review: "he looks like he could be Chuck Norris' brother".

"Master George A. Maughan. 10th Degree Black Belt in American Advanced Kenpo Karate System, he looks like he could be Chuck Norris' brother". Kenpo practitioners will, however find plenty to admire. As will all martial artists. The techniques are sound and broken down very precisely with constant oral explanation. The yellow belt DVD, for example, illustrates basic stances. 10 different self defense techniques, short form 1, freestyle techniques, and star blocking set 1. Seeing the form preformed was excellent, and then its application demonstrated with a partner was even more fulfilling. Each movement given practical relevance. The same formula is used, to good effect, with the star blocking set, putting the movements into perspective. The full technique is a blur when preformed by Master George A. Maughan, testament to his speed and power. Due to the huge success of his DVD's he is now teaching on Martial Arts Today on American TV and in demand for seminars all over the world."


-Quote from Paul Clifton Editor of "Combat".


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