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Scalp Psoriasis - A Very Common Condition

Scalp psoriasis is a common condition which many people are not even aware they have. As psoriasis can cause red, dry, thick, and flaky skin, many people simply think they have dandruff. They often actually have psoriasis, a widespread skin condition that causes the rapid regeneration and overgrowth of skin cells.

There are some people who experience psoriasis in the scalp skin which is a rather mild form of the general skin ailment. More severe forms can cause extreme pain and disfigurement. Psoriasis is common to almost every area of the skin, with some areas being affected in more harsh ways than others. The presence of psoriasis in the scalp region is actually among the most common and least harmful types.

Psoriasis is a chronic, incurable skin condition, but there are methods for preventing it from worsening, and many treatments for improving the general condition of the skin. Many individuals can experience an increase in symptoms during the cold months of the year, and many find that warmer weather and more exposure to sunlight can actually help improve the condition of their scalp. Scalp psoriasis is often mild, presenting with fine, light, flaky scales of skin which slough off of the skins surface. It can however become more serious, creating a thick and tough coating of skin on the entire scalp region.

The treatment for psoriasis of the scalp will vary dependent upon the type of psoriasis that is present in the area. It can take the form of mild psoriasis, taking on a powdery, silver-like sheen. Seborrhea dermatitis, a form of psoriasis, is also common, and has a greasy and yellowish appearance.

Doctors can inject steroid medications into scalp lesions, but this type of treatment is less common as it has potent qualities. The long-term use of such medications can cause the skin to thin which can create additional health concerns.


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Topical ointments, lotions and skin conditions may also be used in treating psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis is often effectively treated with the use of coal tar shampoos. Many of these treated or medicated shampoos are designed to treat the scalp and not the hair and can therefore cause damage to hair quality. Other times you will need to use another shampoo or hair treatment in addition to the medicated shampoo in order to properly care for and clean hair. Be sure to visit to learn more about psoriasis.

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