Kungfu Tai

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Wudang Kung Fu Tai Chi Quan 28 Form

Kungfu Tai

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What type of martial art is good for beginners?

I'm not really into sports except volleyball and basketball, I would like to start martial arts classes but there's so many different styles offered that I'm a bit lost. tai-chi? kungfu? karate?


It depends on what you want to learn and how fit you are.

If you just want something that's relatively easy on the joints and body(RELATIVELY), try tai chi or aikido. Both are not so much about brute force, but using someone's force against them. They both have low rates of injury, which is good if you don't want to be intimidated by a broken finger your first week.

Some styles of karate, like Uechi-Ryu, are ultra-physically intensive and are nearly masochistic in how much you take punches, so I'd advice staying away from that style unless you really want it. In the same line, I'd stay away from things like Krav Maga and Muay Thai unless you're super-fit.

I started various forms of martial arts when I was six, including starting Krav Maga when I was nine, but my dad was the instructor and he could give me private lessons, so I'd go with what I started with, aikido.

It also depends on whether you're a man or a woman, and your overall physical size/strength. Some styles (like the aforementioned Krav Maga) use more brute strength than aikido and other martial arts use, as I told you, on using your opponents' strength against them.

It's really your choice. There's styles such as eskrima, which deal with rattan and swords, or many other styles, like Krav Maga, that teach a variety of weapons, or just plain old fist styles.