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Frequently Asked Questions...

Benefits of Sanshou/Sanda ?!?

Used in MMA ?!
Good for the street ?!
Can it help me with my kicking ?!


Kickboxing with throws. It's a good way to bridge the gap between striking and grappling.

It can and has been used in MMA, though to be a true MMA fighter, one would also need to study ground grappling, which doesn't exist in the San Shou/Sanda format. Brazilian Jiujitsu, Judo, Sambo, and submission/Catch wrestling would plug up the hole in that game.

It can be used for the street, though strategic adjustments would probably be necessary. Basically, anything you can do full-contact in a sport, you're able to execute full-contact on the street. The biggest difference is that on the street, escape should be your first option, while in a sport fight, you have to stay in the fight until the match is over.

If you don't do any kicking, getting into San Shou/Sanda can probably help you.

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What to Fill Your Punching Bag With?

So you bought a empty punching bag to save a couple of bucks and now are wondering what in Gods-name to fill it up with. This is a common question being asked by many that venture into buying punching bags, mainly online. In order to save the shipping fees, that could be gigantic, when speaking of 150 pound (70 kg) punching bags. So to cut down on the cost you basically order it empty with complete confidence you will fill it up with "old" rags, saw dust or maybe even sand. Think again.

Long gone are the years of sand bags and sawdust filled bags. This was the only solution back in the day and it resulted in a lot of injuries (especially wrist injuries) due to the fact that the punching bags were as hard as concrete. Kicking was also out of the question, but a hundred years ago most bags were used and sold to "western boxing" practitioners. The Chinese did however use the bags for kicking with their Sanda martial art (Chinese kickboxing ) which is a side-art from Kung fu. I believe they used rice to fill their bags which was also very hard.

Times have changed and nowadays people use smaller and smaller gloves. Just think of the gloves worn by western boxers in the 30s 40s 50s. They were absolutely huge. Nowadays the max size people wear are 10 OZ boxing gloves. With the ever growing MMA world kicking in, there are a lot of MMA gloves on the market which have hardly any protection on them. You could save over a hundred dollars and just go punch a tree.

Today's bag separate to normal punching bags and the so called "heavy" bags. The ladder are still close to the weight of the old fashioned ones but softer to the touch none the less. Most of the manufacturers use cotton rags (shredded textile) to fill the bags with. This gives it the right volume, weight and hardness. Some providers (especially Chinese) use a component of shredded rubber, which they get from shredding used tires. This is convenient and easy to fill up the bag with but lacks the softness and usually ends up settling on the bottom and hardening the bottom part of the bag.

So if you have bought an empty bag my advice would be to check your local community for a textile industry based company that would have any textile leftovers which would end up in the trash anyhow. Any cotton/polyester type will do.

Train hard and stay safe.

Sincerely, Igor B.
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