Opro Shield

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OPRO Shield Fitting Instructions

Opro Shield

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Gum shield problems!?

I brought a opro gum shield gold protecting today, but it just won't stay in my mouth.

The problem is the centre v shape doesn't stick together, so I've molded it about 10 times an it only stuck once, but that was only when it wasnt straight in my mouth.

Now I'm worried I've ruined it by molding too much!

Has anyone got any advice to give or a technique to get the centre v to stick together?



You would so better to have your dentist make you a gumshieldd. He will take a study model of your mouth and will send it to a laboratory and have it made so it is an exact match and fits perfectly. It is not over expensive to have done either. It has to fit really well to be able to offer any protection.