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Pro Swimmer

Pro vs. Conn Olympic Swimmer

Mens Swimming Trunks Or Guys Swimming Pants?

You'll find a wide variety of men's swimming trunks on the market, differing in size, colour, shape, and many other factors besides. So how do you choose which mens swimming trunks are ideal for you?

Well, the type of swimming trunks you'll need is dependent upon what you would like them for. The 1 of 2 categories you'd fall under when looking for swimming trunks are either; The casual swimmer, or the professional swimmer.

The casual swimmer would want swimming trunks for getaways, pool trips, and men's swimming shorts for basic non competitive activities. For this reason, they might desire a longer and much more comfortable set of swimming trunk. Lengths vary, but they come in lengths going just below the crotch area, and lower just below your knees. A lot of men however tend to get trunks which go midway down his thigh. These kind of mens swimming trunks are usually pretty loose fitting, but have an internal net to prevent your private body parts hanging out.

The pro swimmer on the flip side needs a whole other type of swimming trunk. Because they do swimming for competition, there is a requirement for their swimming trunks to allow less drag & enable them to swim as fast as they can. For this reason, the professional's swimming trunks usually are more close fitting then the casual user's swimming trunks, as well as a good deal shorter. They tend to wrap around the legs marginally above the genital region, an are made from light-weight yet long lasting material so the swimmer's carrying as little extra weight as they can.

Precisely what should you consider while searching for guys swimming pants?

Well, should you be a recreational swimmer it's really up to you. There's a lot of different colors and styles you may get, so whatever design you take a liking to consider it. One thing I'd say is be sure you go for a pair of mens swimming trunks with string around the waste, that way you can tighten up and ease them as you think acceptable.

If you're buying swimming shorts for competing purposes, the choosing process needs to be a tad bit more rigid. Though you ought to go for swimming shorts which are visually pleasing on the eye if you should choose, the looks takes a back seat to the weight, longevity, as well as the fit. In the event you compete as part of a team, your team coaches should really provide you their brand trunks anyhow.

That is about it, the info that's on this site should assist you when you're going to invest in a pair of mens swimming trunks. I would advise you get a pair of trunks which are not just great to swim in, but additionally look really good. After all, you will most probably possess them for some time to come, which means you may as well get the best trunks there is.

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You could come across several superb men's swimming shorts & men's swimming trunks on the net. All the best choosing your mens swimming trunks.

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Pro Swimmer

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is an alternative jammer to the Speedo LZR/Pro?

I am a competitive swimmer looking to buy a new competition jammer to conform with new FINA regulations. I have been using an old Speedo Pro jammer and really like it. Are there any other knock off brands that are similar? I don't want to spend $150 on a new Pro jammer or Speedo's new LZR they re-released. Any help? Thanks!!


There is Speedo Fastskin, FS PRO, and Fastskin II