Thai Ankle

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Thai Yoga Massage : Thai Yoga Massage: Foot & Ankle Rotation

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Thai Ankle

Training In Thai Boxing You Need Muay Thai Shin Guards

It is essential that you were muay thai shin guards if you are looking to start muay thai kick boxing. Whatever sport you choose make sure fragile areas are covered, like the hands, feet and shin with muay thai shin guards. Of all the martial arts muay thai is particularly aggressive. Modern MMA use a large number of thai boxing techniques because they are so to see a video for muay thai shin guards and mma stuff

A Quick Look At Thai Boxing Origins
The name means "The Science of Eight Limbs" because it uses many points of contact including punches, elbows, knees and kicks.So it is vital to cover up these areas so that you can train at full contact with things like head guards and muay thai shin guards. It would simply be to painful not to!

Muay thai dates back over the last 1000 years and has changed slowly over time. Each generation adapting to new techniques.Fighting styles were used in battle against other countries. When the person lost their weapon it was vital that he could defend himself fast and efficiently.Thai boxing had been fought on streets corners all the way up to 1921. It was in that year that the first ring was made for the fighters.The people from Thailand knew the devastating power of this art and did were protection on the hands however when somebody died due to a kick to the head a new rule was brought in that made the fighters were protection over the ankles and feet. The basic form of muay thai shin pad and ankle support was brought out at that time to protect the fighters. Follow this link for another article on the best muay thai shin guards.

Getting Started in Muay Thai
Muay thai is probably one of the most physically demanding sports today. You need an incredibly high level of conditioning to even begin to compete. If you were looking to get started a typical session could include skipping, weight training, shadow boxing, focus mit work and some cases sparring.

Muay thai would be an excellent choice if you were looking for an effective martial art and were looking to protect yourself. It is also a great choice if you would like to get fit and toned fast.You will quickly see your body change in just 6 weeks worth of training making it more and more popular as a first choice in to martial arts.

Essential Thai Boxing Training Equipment
You are going to need to get some of the basic equipment ready for the start of your training. You can go to any muay thai gear store or even any kick boxing store to pick up the basics.Some items you may want to purchase would be things like muay thai shin guards, head guards for sparing, muay thai gloves, muay thai shin pads and if you want to go full out you could even get muay thai shorts to help get you in the zone!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how to make a weak ankle stronger?

i sprined my ankle really bad in sept and it still kills me when im doing muey thai does anyone have any exercises to make it stronger??


Range of Motion Exercises
Some simple exercises can help maintain ankle motion, and stretch the injured ligaments in the ankle joint.
Achilles stretches
Stretching the Achilles tendon can easily be started soon after sustaining an ankle sprain. While seated or lying down, take a towel and loop it around your toes. Pull the ends of the towel, pulling your toes upwards, and feel the stretch in the back of the ankle. Perform this 3-4 times a day for several minutes.

Alphabet writing
While seated or lying down, write the alphabet in the air with your toes. Make the letters as big as possible. Get creative by trying all uppercase, then lower case, then cursive, etc...
Strength Exercises
The next step in recovery from ankle sprains is strengthening the muscles that surround the ankle joint. By strengthening these muscles, you can help support the ankle joint, and help prevent further injury. Some exercises to perform after an ankle sprain include:
Toe raises
Stand on a stair or ledge with your heel over the edge. Stand up on your tip toes, then in a controlled manner, let the heel rest down. Repeat 10-20 times (each foot), 4 times a day.

Heel and Toe Walking
Walk on your toes for one minute, then on your heels for one minute. Alternate walking on your heel and toes, and work up in time to a total of 10 minutes, repeating 4 times each day.
Proprioceptive Training
Proprioception is the ability of your body to provide feedback to the brain. After an ankle sprain, the proprioception of the joint can be damaged, leading to problems controlling ankle movements.
The best way to simulate proprioceptive retraining, as well as work on range of motion and strength, is with a wobble board. Read on for information about how a wobble board can help with your rehab from an ankle sprain.

Activity-Specific Training
Activity specific exercises may include simply walking or jogging, or may be more intense for athletes who participate in basketball, soccer, or other sports. The key, no matter what level recreational or competitive athlete you may be, is to progress slowly. Begin at very low intensity, and very low duration of activity, and slowly work up--never suddenly increase either the intensity or duration of your activity.