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Gorilla Fight Gear Gold Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi A3Slim vs A2

Weave Jiu

Factors To Consider When Buying Jiu Jitsu Gear

Having the right jiu jitsu gear when training is very important for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or simply known as the BJJ.Contrary to many peoples view, it is unprofessional to substitute this gear with similar ones.The gears differ in styles, so such a move is unwelcome.Moreover, acquiring the correct gear helps a lot in making your training sessions a success in many areas, for instance grip making, placements of the hands, submission defense, grappling and so much more.

Fabric weaves Classification of the Gear With that said, buying the correct gear therefore becomes a very crucial factor. Several methods exist for classifying the gear.The most common one is perhaps based on the weave of the cloth used for making the gear.Weaves determine the lifespan of the gear, especially with the jacket 'nevertheless, long lasting jackets in many cases come with similar pants. When considering the weave criterion for categorizing the gear, we have the single, double, gold weave gears and the general custom made weave gears.To help you in your selection, there are appropriate weave labels on the gear.If you are a BJJ starter, then it might be more appropriate to buy the single weave.They are lighter, but not that durable, and many people find them to be less expensive.The double weaves aren't that light in weight.As such, you have to buy ones that are fitting in order for them to be comfortable when training.
Single and double weaves are used in making the gold weaves.This characteristic enhances their durability but decreases their weight.Many people usually buy these for BJJ competition purposes.

Generally, any gear that does not fall under the above categories will normally be categorized as 'others.'Many of them are usually ultra light in weight.

Purchasing Based on the Size of the Gear
BJJ gears usually come in various sizes.These sizes vary from one manufacturer to another.Gears meant for men are classified with letter 'A', and they range between A0 and A6.On the other hand, the prefix 'F' is used to denote women's sizes.For kids' sizes, the writing is always on the wall.Know your size when buying these so as to avoid sizing up, which is normally very difficult.

Gear Collar Consideration
Something you shouldn't also overlook when purchasing your gear is the collar of the same.How thick and tough a collar is will determine what jacket you should buy.A jacket with a stiffer collar might prove quite uncomfortable during training, but it is the best option for defending yourself against a chock from your opponent.

Generally, many jacket collars are made of cotton.However, a few have rubber material inside.

Going by the Gear Color when Buying the Gear
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear has its brand colors and you can choose these or other color types that you prefer.However, remember that for many competitions, you will be required to participate in gear with traditional colors, which are white and blue.Consequently, it becomes important to counter check with your instructor first before setting out to purchase gear of any other colors.

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